#tbt – Lt. Jerry D. Jones, USAF: Running in Vietnam

Weather station at

Weather station at Tan Son Nhut

In 1963, 1st Lt. Jerry D, Jones was serving in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhut Field near Saigon. Jones was a member of the USAF’s 30th Weather Squadron, responsible for providing the weather information required for combat operations.

Jones was also a runner. He managed to put in about 40-45 miles each week within the confines of the airfield:

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I thought it would be interesting to see whether I could find out more about Lt. Jones and his running career. The letter appeared in the Feb. 1964 Long Distance Log, so Jones’ tour probably ended before the major buildup in 1965. He apparently returned home, as his name doesn’t appear in the casualty list found in this history of the Air Weather Service in Southeast Asia, nor on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.

To this point, further research (with help from other veterans of the 30th Squadron) has been unsuccessful. If anyone can provide any additional information, please contact me.

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