Y42K Self-Publishing Services – Inexpensive Services for Authors


Congratulations on writing your book. Now you need to get it out to the world. While self-publishing can be challenging. I can help you design and publish your book quickly, professionally, and at a low cost, whether it’s a memoir, a novel, a children’s book, an ebook with embedded audio/video – almost any kind of book.

Unlike other self-publishing services that automate the process, I’ll work directly with you every step of the way to ensure you get the book you want.

Your paperback or hardcover book will be listed on Amazon.com and other sites, and your ebook will be available for the Kindle on Amazon, and at Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBooks, Kobo, and many other outlets.

You’ll be able to order paper books at a steep discount for review copies or gifts, to stock local bookstores, or to sell yourself. If you publish your ebooks without DRM (copy protection) you can distribute those as review copies or gifts for free.

I’ll send you all the final copies of the various files that I’ve used to publish your book. And I’ll publish links to your book on social media and my web site.

The cost for you to self-publish?
Only $300 ($400 with custom cover design) for a typical book.*

*Additional options may affect your cost

Shop around– you’ll find it hard to find anyone who will do everything you need at a lower price.

If self-publishing sounds like a good idea or you have a project that’s not a good fit for traditional publishing, drop me a line or use the Contact form at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

More information about the Y42K Self-Publishing process

Recent Publications

I cannot recommend Ray’s services more highly. He shepherded my book through the self-publication process quickly and conscientiously. His considerable technological talents are surpassed only by his patience dealing with writers who have little to no technological expertise (like me). Beyond that, he has a real sensitivity to the written word and an eye for design.

Cristina Negrón

Ray made publishing easier than I ever expected it would be. He is friendly, easy to work with, and knows his business front to back. I have published two books with Ray now,  and both times the process, setting up websites, payments, sales information, book covers, and promotion, was quick, easy, and painless. I wish every business interaction was handled as well as Y42K Publishing handles its business.

Doug Robertson

My ebooks needed help — not with the text but with the look. I fancy myself to be a professional writer but am decidedly an amateur at book design. In stepped Ray Charbonneau. He not only improved the appearance dramatically; he did it quickly and economically. I gratefully recommend his services.

Joe Henderson

I have worked with Ray Charbonneau for all of my books. He is fast, efficient, and experienced. He has gone above and beyond with advice and guidance that helped me greatly as a new author. I’ve recommended him to everyone I know interested in publishing a book. Thanks Ray!

Vanessa Runs

Y42K Self-Publishing FAQ

  • How long does it take?
    For a typical book, it takes as little as two weeks to self-publish your book. Initial ebook distribution to certain vendors can take a little longer. You can get rush service for an additional fee. The actual time depends in part on your choices and how quickly you respond when your input is needed. You can help by following some simple rules when creating your manuscript.
  • Will my book be available in stores?
    That’s mostly up to you, since you’re in charge of marketing your book. You can increase your chances by buying an ISBN and listing your book in the Books In Print catalog (additional fees apply).
  • What else might increase your fee?
    If your book is exceptionally large, contains a large number of pictures, has a significant amount of complex formatting, is going to be published in both paperback and hardcover, or if you would like embedded audio/video in your ebooks, we may need to negotiate a larger fee before we start. If you find that you want to make more than a few edits to the content after you see the proof, or if you want additional rounds of edits and proofs, there will be an additional fee, which we will discuss before I do the work.
  • How can I spend even less?
    If your book is exceptionally short or if you only want a single edition (paper or ebook), we can negotiate a lower fee before we start.
  • How can I save the cost of a custom cover?
    The vendor provides a free “Cover Creator” service that you can use to build covers from templates that they provide. Or if you or a friend know Photoshop (or a similar tool), you can design your own cover using guidelines that I’ll provide to you.
  • What other costs aren’t covered by your fee?
    My fee covers all the essentials, but if you desire additional services, they’re available at an additional cost.
    • Editing (beyond a few simple edits during the proof process)
    • Website design
    • A paper proof (highly recommended)
    • ISBNs with customized publisher listings
    • A Library of Congress catalog number
    • Audiobook narration
    • Hardcover books or hand-bound editions
    • Listing your book in the Ingram catalog to improve changes of in-store distribution
  • What are my ISBN options?
    An ISBN is the unique numeric identifier used by vendors around the world to find and order your book. There are two options:
    Free ISBNs that list the distributor as the publisher. When you choose this option, your Kindle edition will use an Amazon ASIN instead of an ISBN.
    $295 for ISBNs from Bowker, which lets you use any name you want as the publisher.
    Note: If you want to sell your book through KDP’s Libraries and Academic Institutions channel, you must use a free KDP ISBN for your paperback edition.
  • Who has publishing rights to the books?
    You retain control of all rights.
  • How much will I make on each book I sell?
    You set the price, so you can make as much as you want per copy when self-publishing.  For the paper book, you have to set a minimum price to cover production costs. Ebooks can be free.
  • Why hire you? Can’t I do this myself?
    Yes you can, but by hiring me you can save a lot of time and effort. If you try self-publishing yourself and find you need training, I’d be glad to help.