The Y42K Publishing Process

Here’s how I’ll work with you to publish your book:

  1. You write the book, and then review the content to fix any errors, typos, or other problems. I STRONGLY suggest that you have someone else look at it before you submit it for publication. Hire an editor/proofreader if necessary (I can put you in touch with people I’ve worked with before).
  2. You contact me and we discuss your project. If you decide to go ahead we settle on a fee.
  3. You send me the fee, a clean, final manuscript in a word-processing format (Word, Wordperfect, Open Office, RTF, Pages, etc.), and any pictures that go with it. I’ll ask you for the additional info we’ll need to set up your book, things like size, back cover text, and a blurb for your book’s web pages. We’ll also set you up to get paid once you start selling books.
  4. I turn your content into a draft book. You review the draft and send me a list of any design change requests.
  5. I make any requested changes and fix errors (there are always some) and create a final draft.
  6. Once the interior of your book is complete, we create a cover to fit. I can make a cover from one of the available templates or create a custom cover design just for your book. Alternatively, I can give a cover designer you select the instructions they need to make your custom cover.
  7. I submit the book and the cover to the Print-on-Demand vendor.
  8. They create a digital proof. You and I review the proof. I fix any remaining problems and create a final proof. You may choose to order a paper proof at this point.
  9. Once you approve the final proof, I submit your book for publishing.
  10. I use the final version of the paperback edition to create and publish your ebook editions via Kindle Desktop Publishing and Smashwords.
  11. Magic happens (people buy your books). The vendors pay you directly.  Unlike many other indie publishing services, I do not take a cut of your sales.

Interested? Drop me a line or use the Contact form at the bottom of this page.

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