CCM Diary: Meditate on This

It’s rest week, yet the Todo list for today has twelve thirteen items on it.  One of them is “meditate”.  I’ve been pretty good about following my training plan, but I haven’t been doing my daily meditation.  Maybe adding it to my list will help, but for some reason putting meditation on a Todo list seems wrong.  Meditation is supposed to be something that relieves stress, not something that goes on the list that I use to manage stress.

Here’s something else to meditate on:

“If you run long enough, whatever quantitative measure of success you set out to achieve becomes either unattainable or meaningless.  The reward of running – of anything – lies within us.  We focus on something external to motivate us, but we need to remember that it’s the process of reaching for that prize – not the prize itself – that can bring us peace and joy.”

-Scott Jurek, “Eat & Run” (slightly edited for space)

(strength; 146.5#)

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