CCM: Road to Nowhere

Today’s bike ride was a 25 mile loop through suburbia followed by breakfast and a 15 mile round-trip ride to the puppet theater and back.

I stopped at the theater to take a look at their stock of puppets. There was one little gray fellow that spoke to me, but he looked shy.  I put him back with his friends for now, to give him a little time to get used to the idea of coming home with me.

This whole biking thing had better be worth it. I just don’t enjoy training on my bike as much as I enjoy running.

A bike is great when my goal is to get somewhere.  It’s cheaper, better for the environment, and often easier to park than a car.  When you compare it to running as transportation, a bike is faster, I can carry more stuff, and I’m not as much of a sweaty mess when I arrive.

But when I’m training, a bike is less efficient.  I go twice as far on my bike in a given amount of time as I do when I’m running, but each mile takes maybe a quarter the effort.  So it takes about twice as much time in the saddle to get in the same workout as I do when I’m running.  Sitting on my butt and pedaling just isn’t as hard.

However, my butt does look awesome in bike shorts.  After all, I am a runner.

(40 mi. bike; 149.5#)

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