CCM: Banana Bread

Instead of running tonight at Casey’s, I went out first thing this morning and got my run in.  My legs weren’t feeling terribly perky, so I just did 8 McMiles at a reasonably comfortable pace, keeping an eye on my form but not doing any particularly fast miles.

I’m still going to Casey’s tonight, but instead of running I’ll be judging the Banana Bread Bake-Off.  It’s the latest of the randomly-scheduled cooking contests SRR holds at the Thursday night run.  We’ve done cookies, chili, brownies, mac & cheese and other comfort foods for runners.  The winner gets endless glory and their recipe published on the club web site.

The judges do their work while everyone else is out running.  I’ve selflessly given up my evening run to help out. (ahem) Actually, there’s always enough so everyone gets fed, but the most popular entries sometimes run out before we all get a taste.  Volunteering to judge is the best way to ensure that I get to try everything.

Note to entrants:  I’m a purist.  No weird stuff in the bread.  And bribes are cheerfully accepted.

(7.9 mi. run; 149#)

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