Treadmill Marathon Update

Michael Wardian

Quick update from the Boston Marathon expo: Michael Wardian was ahead of world-record pace when the heat and the relentless effort got to him and he “overheated and rigged at 16.2 miles” and stumbled off the back of the treadmill.  Mike was pale and cramping after his run, but he recovered and was soon chatting with the crowd.

Even though he didn’t break the record, Mike succeeded in capturing the interest of the crowd at the Outside Interactive booth.  Most of us usually don’t get a chance to watch anyone run at a 5:20 pace for more than a minute or two before they pull away and leave us behind.

Meanwhile, out in Michigan at the Martian Marathon, Kim Duclos won the women’s race in 2:56:59.  She’ll be in Boston at booth #210 Sunday at noon to try and set a women’s treadmill record.

Before Mike’s run, I helped fill the time by running the Falmouth Road Race course using Outside Interactive’s Virtual Runner software (at a MUCH slower pace):

If you have to run on a treadmill, the Virtual Runner package and a big-screen TV is the way to go.

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