Jim Brennan reviews “Chasing the Runner’s High”

I always like to hear from my readers.  Today Jim Brennan posted a review of Chasing the Runner’s High on his blog, Rite 2Run.

Jim writes, “if you prefer to read a running book to be entertained and inspired, read “Chasing the Runner’s High” by Ray Charbonneau; a running story with a meaningful message told by an experienced marathoner and ultra-marathoner. The author is a commoner who squeezes every ounce of effort from his ordinary talent to achieve extraordinary things. He is the Everyman runner, the guy sitting next to you in the pub, or the guy at a twelve-step program—except his addiction is running.”

After I read Jim’s review, even I felt like I should rush out and buy a copy of my book.  One of the most rewarding things about writing the book has been hearing from readers like Jim who let me know that I’ve reached some people in exactly the way I intended.

Jim is working on his own book, Twenty-four Years to Boston–My Journey from the Vegetable Aisle to Boylston Street.  With any luck, we’ll be able to read it soon.

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