Another Trip Around Lake Winnipesaukee

Here are the Senior Road Runners, possibly the first-ever Somerville Road Runners mixed-seniors team, at the 2011 Lake Winnipesaukee Relay:

Senior Road Runners

(L to R) Front row: Gordon Pilotte, Ray Charbonneau, Gary Smith; Back row: Suzanne Carleo, Ruthanne Waite, Pam Thomas, Ruth Sespaniak. The part of Jim "Sully" Sullivan is played by Frank Georges' shirt.

We finished the 65 mile relay in 8:52:13, 34th place overall and 2nd place in the mixed seniors division.  That was good enough to earn us a set of the coveted loon pint glasses.

Loon glasses


The SRR men’s open, seniors and masters teams all won their divisions and finished 1-2-3 overall.  The women’s open team also won, finishing 6th overall.

While killing time at one of the exchanges, I mentioned that I’ve run every leg at least once.  One of the guys realized that meant I could put together an “8 x me” team using my best times from each leg:

Leg #	Split	Miles	Pace	Year
1	1:20:15	10.7	0:07:30	2011
2	1:20:56	11	0:07:21	2008
3	1:08:37	9.3	0:07:22	2002
4	0:25:22	4	0:06:20	2003
5	1:30:56	10.8	0:08:25	2010
6	0:49:57	6.4	0:07:48	2009
7	1:01:33	8.5	0:07:14	2006
8	0:36:19	4.4	0:08:15	2007
Total	8:13:55	65.1	0:07:35

It’s not a bad team.  They (I? We?) would have come in third this year in the men’s masters division and 18th overall.  On a day when no one was hurt or running multiple legs, they might be able to get under 8 hours.

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