Things (Ruth) Loves Thursday

Every Thursday my wife Ruth posts a note to Facebook about something from the past week that brought extra joy and happiness into her life (sometimes it’s me (yay!)).  It’s called “Things I Love Thursday” or “TILT”.

It’s not clear exactly who started TILTing.  Ruth got the idea last year from her friend Gretchen.  Ruth figured that with all the negativity in the world it’s easy to lose track of the good stuff at times, and TILTing regularly would help counteract that.

Now Ruth’s TILTs from 2010 have been collected into one book for your reading enjoyment!

The paper edition is $7.99 (it’s also available at Amazon and other fine online booksellers).  You can get the ebook for $2.99 from Amazon (for Kindles), Barnes & Noble (for Nooks),  Smashwords (multiple formats, including epub, HTML and PDF), and other vendors.

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