In their head – I see

“This new pair of glasses is just another reminder that I’m getting older.  Still, gotta love them.  For a few days everything is sharper and clearer.  Probably because the new lenses are clean and unscratched, but the new prescription doesn’t hurt.  I didn’t notice squinting before, but it feels good now that I’m not doing it. I even get a little depth perception, until my left eye fades again.  Everything looks fresh and clean.  

“Reading is a pain though, just like it is every time I get new glasses.  Once I started with the progressive lenses, I didn’t miss the bifocals.  Progressives are great, once you get used to them.  There’s always an area of the lens that’s just right for what you want to look at, whatever the distance.  But I can’t just move my eyes to look at things.  If I move my eyes just a tiny bit, without moving my head, things get out of focus. Gotta move my head too.  Moving so the proper part of the lens comes into play is tiresome.  

“Each new pair of glasses is a little different, so it takes some time to get used to them.  And as I get older and the glasses get stronger, the sweet spot gets smaller, especially in the middle distances, where the usable area is just that small strip down the middle of the lens.  The computer screen is worse than reading paper. Problem is, my desktop computer screen is usually at that middle distance.  In a week or two, I won’t notice it anymore, but now it’s sort of annoying.”

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