In their head – Just say it

“This song has to be perfect.  It has to show Melissa the way she makes me feel.  How I love the way her skin is so warm and soft.  The way her breasts concentrate that sensation in two lovely mounds.  The way the exquisite tension builds when I hold her tight, peaking as I slide inside her.  I want to share how I feel with everyone, but I need her to know.

“Good thing I’ve got my guitar in my lap right now.  I can’t wait until tonight.

“Where do I start?  It’s tough to write love songs without being sappy or sounding like every other guy.   “You’re like a spring day.  You carry my heart away.  You make me happy and gay.” Yuck.  Similes are so mechanical. I need a metaphor that works.  Something more subtle.  “Waves roll over me, carry me away.  I wash up on the beach, where sunshine rules the day.”

“You know, I could just say it. “You make me hard.”  Well, maybe a bit classier than that.  But straightforward, honest, sharp description.  Make it real.  Leave the dressier language for another time.  Yeah, that’s the way to go. 

“I hope she likes it.”

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