In their head – Another day

“God, has it been a long day.  The alarm didn’t go off, there’s wasn’t any hot water so I couldn’t take a shower, and I burned my finger on the toaster oven.  Great way to start the day.  I should have just stayed home.

“I’m so sick of Jesse.  She won’t get off my back.  It’s not my fault that the Anderson order was packed wrong.  No matter who they talked to, they were going to be pissed.  It was just my bad luck that I picked up the phone.  It wasn’t my fault they canceled the order.  They weren’t listening to anything I had to say.  But no.  Jesse has to blame me, and to chew me out in front of everybody.  I hate her.

“And now I’ve got to go home and cook dinner and get the kids to do their homework and clean them up and put them to bed and pick up the house and pay the bills.  It never ends.  And I still got to figure out what happened to the hot water.  I hope it wasn’t the hot water heater again.  I just had that fixed, and I don’t have the money to do it again.

“God, I’m tired.”

In their head - Another day

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