In their head – Just keep trying

“With the money I won on the Cardinals, I can get caught up with Frankie.  I almost shit when Harrison ran back that interception for a touchdown just before the half.  I had time for three heart attacks while he waddled up the sideline, and those fucking Cardinals still couldn’t knock him out of bounds.  After that, I was sure Pittsburg was gonna blow ’em out.  Good thing Warner finally figured out how to get the ball to Fitzgerald.  Cards still came up short, but at least they beat the spread so I could cash in.

“That gets me close to even, just in time for March. This year I’m going to clean up on the hoops.  Gonna ride North Carolina all the way to the top.  Those boys are gonna win me some big money.  I can’t lose.”

In their head - Just keep trying

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