In their head – 25 Things

I got tagged to write 25 Random Things About Myself on Facebook, so I sat down and put a list together. I was happy that someone cared enough to ask, even though that might be a pretty loose use of “caring”.  I wanted to write a list, but doing it without being tagged seened sort of pathetic.  Like my list is so significant that it can’t wait.  I think about these things too much.

I figured that if I was gonna do it, I might as well try to write about what’s important to me, rather than just tossing out a list of isolated random facts.  At the moment, I’m in sort of a state of flux, and the list reflects that.   A year from now, I hope I’d be writing an entirely different list.

The list is a little short on fun.  How could I forget to mention the cats?  I could build another list, with more trivial factiods, that would be lighter.  That’d be a great way to extend the procrastination value of the exercise.

“Now comes the scary part.  I took this seriously.  What if no one cares about my 25 things?  No one bothers to comment?  #1 (“I have an endless need for affirmation.”)  is there for a reason, unfortunately.”

In their head - 25 Things

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