In their head – It’s not about you

“Oh my god!  They’re selling drugs right out on the street!  I think they are.  What else could it be?  Can’t they take that inside somewhere?  Or at least to a side street?  How can they get away with that?  If I can see it, why can’t a cop?  Why doesn’t someone do something?

“Oh my god!  They’re looking at me now! Gotta look away.  I hope they didn’t notice me.  If they think I saw their deal, they might come after me!  If they sell drugs in public, who knows what else they might do?  Maybe they’re already high?  Maybe they need money for more drugs?  Maybe they’ll come and take my backpack!  I gotta look back and see if they’re still watching me. 

“Oh my god!  They are!  I better leave!  Can’t run – they might think I’m afraid. Maybe that I’ve got something worth stealing.  I’ve got to go now! I’ll be safe in Starbucks!  Hurry!”

In their head - It’s not about you

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