I Believe (I’ll Go Back Home)

The same people that presented one of the presidential preference quizzes I referred you to earlier also have a quiz that helps you select the most appropriate belief system. Since the first entry in a Google search for “best religion” is a dead link, this appears to be the next best thing.

Here are my results:

1. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
2. Mahayana Buddhism (91%)
3. Neo-Pagan (90%)
4. Theravada Buddhism (84%)
5. Liberal Quakers (84%)
6. New Age (84%)
7. Secular Humanism (76%)
8. Taoism (72%)
9. Mainline – Liberal Christian Protestants (70%)
10. Hinduism (65%)
11. New Thought (65%)
12. Scientology (64%)
13. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (62%)
14. Jainism (58%)
15. Reform Judaism (53%)
16. Non-theist (52%)
17. Orthodox Quaker (51%)
18. Sikhism (50%)
19. Bahai (40%)
20. Orthodox Judaism (30%)
21. Islam (28%)
22. Mainline – Conservative Christian Protestant (28%)
23. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (26%)
24. Seventh Day Adventist (24%)
25. Jehovah’s Witness (16%)
26. Eastern Orthodox (14%)
27. Roman Catholic (14%)

So I guess I still don’t know what I believe, I just want to get along. Certainly, my Roman Catholic upbringing didn’t take.

Some churches do have really cool music. But so do the secular humanists.

And to bring it back around, one presidential candidate reminds us that if we are to continue to enjoy religious freedom there must be a complete separation of Church and State.

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2 thoughts on “I Believe (I’ll Go Back Home)

  • Mark Bates

    Hmmm – similar results, except Secular Humanism came first, which I know nothing about, and UU came a few below, which I have been a member of in the past. Then again, UU has many big…umm… churches? So I would be more likely to learn about them.

  • Cody

    I ranked 100% with secular humanism, which isn’t that surprising. I was brought up a fairly liberal Lutheran, but my religious views have changed a lot since I was little.