Critical Path

This winter, Arlington has been experimenting with plowing the Minuteman Bikepath. The results have been terrific: a flat, scenic, snow/ice/automobile-free place to run, walk, bike, push a stroller, walk dogs, etc…. The trip to Alewife T station is easier, encouraging more people to use public transportation.  The additional off-road route makes winter safer and more convenient for everyone, including drivers (who see fewer people walking in the roads after it snows). I am an abutter to the trail, and have no problem with the additional traffic in winter.

Currently, about $2000 of the $2500 experimental budget has been spent. When the money is gone, the town will evaluate the program for possible continuance.

If you’d like to encourage the town to continue plowing the trail and establish year-round bikepath access as official policy, you can send a letter (not email) to the Town Hall. Arlington residents will have more impact, but support from all users of the trail will help.  The address is:

Arlington Town Hall
2nd Floor, Board of Selectmen Office
730 Mass Ave.
Arlington, MA 02476

For more information, please visit

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