Log in and be counted

As a blogger, I think it’s required that I have a political opinion. It’s like the old joke: “Opinions are like assholes – everyone’s got one.”

The strongest opinion I have is that anyone who lets “electability” affect their choice might as well stay home. If you’re going to let the opinion of others decide for you, get out of the way. Let those people who really care decide.

Your vote for who you really want will encourage similar candidates to run in the future. And who knows, your candidate might even win! You buy lottery tickets, don’t you?

The Internet can help you decide. You can take any number of quizzes designed to match your position on a number of issues against the candidates. They allow you to assign a weight to the importance of each issue, but obviously the range of issues addressed is limited and simplified. And there’s no way to include your belief that the candidate is a lying sack of Mitt Romney.

Anyhow, I’m voting for Dennis Kucinich.

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