FREE Ebooks for Runners Through April 20!

The COVID-19 coronavirus is disrupting lives around the globe. The best thing most of us can do to help is to self-isolate and stay home as much as possible.

To help pass the time, I’m making ebook editions of five of my books free from now through April 20th. All you need to do is go to this link: , scroll down to my books, click on the ones you want to read, and click on the “Buy with Coupon” button.

The books are available in many formats. If you don’t have a preferred format, I suggest that you try the PDFs (which you can read in your browser or with Adobe Acrobat Reader) or the ePubs. (Note: everything except for the ePubs are automatic conversions from a Word file, so there may be oddities in the formatting – the epubs are professionally formatted by me under my Y42K Publishing Services hat).

I hope you and yours stay healthy, and you can still get out to run wherever you are. Please feel free to tell your friends about this offer, and enjoy the free books!

(If you prefer paper books, you can find them here: )

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