Tardis Hiatus

Well, that didn’t last long.

Tufts University, home of WMFO, has decided to close the campus and send everyone home, as have many other schools, businesses, and the like. The radio station will be running on automation until April 30th, at least.

So last Wednesday’s Tardis Jukebox (#2) will be the last regularly scheduled show for a while. Here’s the link: https://widgets.spinitron.com/WMFO/pl/10505234/Tardis-Jukebox

Since the students are all in emergency midterm/packing and moving mode, I also got to do two hours this morning, the last day of “normal” operations: https://widgets.spinitron.com/WMFO/pl/10517207/Tardis-Jukebox

As always, click on the “Archive” link, then click on “Play Archive” to hear the show.

Stay safe, everyone.

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