“The Conditioning of Distance Runners” by Tom Osler

Y42K Publishing is pleased to announce that The Conditioning of Distance Runners, the trailblazing 1967 training guide by Tom Osler, is now back in print, with a new foreword by 1968 Boston Marathon champion Amby Burfoot. It’s available from Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle, and from other popular ebook vendors.

Back in 1967, you couldn’t go online to learn about running. Chances are you wouldn’t find any running books in your local library or bookstore. But if you subscribed to the one running publication available at the time, the Long Distance Log, you might have seen a tiny ad in the back for Tom Osler’s booklet.

In The Conditioning of Distance Runners, Tom reveals the lessons he learned from his own experience and those of his many running friends. Now this piece of running history is available again, still remarkably relevant more than 50 years later!

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One thought on ““The Conditioning of Distance Runners” by Tom Osler

  • Dave Kelly

    This book was my bible when I ran in college. I was a student at St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia, and also had the opportunity to run with Tom Osler on some “long, slow” distance runs. Solid advice in the book for anyone who wants to be a better distance runner.