“Sparrow’s Well” by Anna Savino

New from Y42K Publishing: “Sparrow’s Well” by Anna Savino. It’s available on Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle, and at other vendors.

There are moments in the story of our lives when everything, including our well-being, shatters. How does someone recover from death of a loved one, divorce, and complete loss of identity? Grasping for answers to life’s deepest questions, Anna travels into the topography of her mind and heart to identify the roots of the source of her pain. Along the way, she confronts personified Emotions and Inner Angels and Demons and meets a Spiritual Guide that both frustrates and encourages her to work through her exhausting, confusing, and traumatic experiences. Read “Sparrow’s Well” to join Anna on her healing journey through the depths of her heart and mind toward wellness.

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