My Year In Running: 2017

1412 miles in 2017, not bad considering how the first half of the year was a struggle, and how I’ve never gotten to even 2000 miles in a year. That brings me to 35,321 miles ‘lifetime’ (since I started keeping track in 1991).

Only four 5K races this year, plus 18 miles in the snow as part of a Fat Ass 50K in January, when I should have still been recovering from my fall 2016 marathons. (see: “the first half of the year was a struggle”).

I didn’t do a lot of biking in 2017, as it was bothering my knees. I hope to get back to that more in 2018. I also hope to win the lottery this week (it’s over $400 million). The odds of that happening make biking more in 2018 seem relatively likely.

Age and injuries permitting, I’ll be running the Boston Marathon again this year. Patriots Day is close and yet still far away. After that, the current plan calls for cutting back further on the long races and training to run faster in the short ones. We’ll see how that holds up. The primary goal is, as always, to keep moving, and keep having fun. If that takes cutting back even further on the harder training I need to race well, so be it.

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