10 Years Ago Today…

…I put up my first blog post. See, there was this snowstorm, and I was still commuting, and I needed a place to complain, and there was no Facebook yet…

In those ten years, I’ve had over 340,000 hits on about 1700 posts. More than half of those hits have gone to a single post, the one where I explain how to turn off ads on you Kindle for free. The internet really likes free. A couple other posts have gotten thousands of hits, but most live in obscurity, as this one likely will.

Social media has taken over for the most part, but it’s so ephemeral. It’s nice to have a place to put whatever random things come to mind, whether thoughts from random photo subjects or thoughts on a local road race, and know I, or anyone else, can find them later, if they happen to be of any interest.


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