“Welcome to the 2028 Boston Marathon!” in March/April Level Renner

Patriots’ Day is coming up soon, and that means that Boston Marathon season is upon us once again. I take a look at one possible future of the race in “Welcome to the 2028 Boston Marathon!”, extrapolating some current trends and making up other changes out of whole cloth.

You’ll find “Welcome to the 2028 Boston Marathon!” in the latest issue of Level Renner which, unlike the race, is (still) free!

March/April 2017 Level Renner

I’ve got a new book coming out soon. Jesse Parent (author of The Noise That Is Not You) says, “Charbonneau shares his love and struggles as clearly in this work as Bob Ross shares his happy little trees and affinity for painting with trowels.” Make sure you don’t miss the book – add your name to my mailing list today!

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