The Dirtbag Handbook by Vanessa Runs

Vanessa Runs’ fourth book with Y42K Publishing Services is out! The Dirtbag Handbook is available now in a tree-saving Kindle edition (other ebook formats and the paperback edition will follow soon).

The Dirtbag Handbook

Vanessa, with her husband Shacky and their animal companions, lives without electric power, without running water, and primarily off-grid. This book contains all the tips, tricks and shortcuts she has accumulated after four years of nomadic full-time travel with her family throughout North America on a very restricted income.

In these pages you will learn:
* How to earn money on the road
* Where to find free camping across the country
* How to obtain food and how to store it without power
* How to handle garbage and sewage
* How to stay clean without running water
* Life lessons learned the hard way
* How to travel full-time with entitled pets
* How to follow our adventures as they happen

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