Get The 27th Mile – help The One Fund!

Money from sales of The 27th Mile is starting to come in. I just sent the first $460 to The One Fund Boston.  Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the book.  This is just the beginning!

As runners, we’re used to setting goals and then doing the work it takes to achieve our ambitions.  We’ve decided to do something similar with The 27th Mile. These days, it usually takes a $5000 contribution to earn a charity number for the Boston Marathon. So $5000 seems like an appropriate fundraising target for The 27th Mile. (Not that we need to stop there…)

We’ll keep an up-to-date record of the progress toward our goal on The 27th Mile‘s web site.

If you haven’t bought your copy already, now’s the time. If you already have a copy, buy more – the book makes a great gift. And don’t forget to help spread the word – tell your running buddies about the book, and if you can post a review on Amazon or other book sites, that would be a big help!

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