After the Snow

Lovely day for running post-storm.  Blue skies, not too cold, not too icy.

I caught up to Adena on my way to Boston and we talked for a mile or so, then I met with Ben Tanzer at his hotel near the Common and we went off for a loop around the Charles Basin.

Ben.Author.EmptyBottle (Mobile)Ben was in town from Chicago for a writers conference.  He’s the author of (among others) 99 Problems, which you’ll like if you’re into running or writing, and You Can Make Him Like You, which you’ll like if you’re human.

Ben recorded our discussion during the run for his podcast.  Time will tell whether he got anything other than a half-hour of wind and truck noises, but if the experiment was a success, you’ll be able to hear it for yourself soon.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the guys at Marathon Talk were kind enough to mention Overthinking the Marathon on this week’s podcast, at about 5:50 into the show.

And tomorrow, if you’re looking for a race, come run the An Ras Mor in Cambridge. I’ll be working bag check – drop by and say hello.

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