Guiding at the 2013 Boston Marathon for “Team With a Vision”

Even though registration closed out before my fall marathon, I’m running the 2013 Boston Marathon.  I’ll be running for the Massachusetts Association for the Blind’s Team With a Vision as the sighted guide for Mike M.


Mike M. training for Houston

Mike qualified for Boston’s Visually-Impaired Division with a 4:38 at the Chevron Houston Marathon.  His training was limited due to an injury. He’s hoping that with better luck, he’ll be able to run a 4:15 at Boston.

Mike has a narrow field of limited vision directly in front of him. He has less than 20 degrees of peripheral vision, while most people have about 110 degrees, and he can’t see contrast. He also has limited hearing.  In a race, he runs tethered to his guide by a short rope.

This promises to be a challenge for both of us, especially since we’ll meet for the first time on the day before the marathon.  Running with a guide, especially a brand-new one, requires a tremendous leap of faith on Mike’s part.  I hope able to keep him safe and help him meet his goal.

As a qualified runner, Mike doesn’t have to meet any fundraising goals, but later this month we will be doing something to help support Team With a Vision. If you want to donate now, click here.

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