CCM Diary: Like the Weather

We’ve been enjoying the cool fall weather but the downside to that appeared today.  The cold front that’s moving in for tonight pushed a few hours of rain through ahead of it this morning.  Temperatures dropped into the upper 40’s during my run.  It wasn’t too bad as long as I kept moving.

I did have to break out my jacket for the first time this season, a harbinger of the worse weather that’ll be here all too soon.

I should make note for the record that my left hamstring is still sore.  It’s been bothering me more lately while I’m sitting, which isn’t a good sign.  But today was the last time I’ll run more than 10 miles until the race.  After two weeks of tapering, my leg WILL be OK enough.

It has to be.

(11.4 mi. run; 148#)

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