CCM Diary: Whistling in the Dark

I thought about going to the track today.  Then I got outside and started running.  My legs were tired and my hamstring and butt were sore, but that hasn’t stopped me before.

There’s some advice I give everyone else.  “This late in the game, if you’re not sure whether you should pick the harder workout or the easier one, always pick the easier one.”  I’m a smart guy.  I decided I should listen to me.

None of the problems are anything new, nor are they anything I’m going to worry about overmuch.  I’ll just keep doing my self-massage and stretching and I’ll bounce back enough in time for the next key run, Paddy’s on Sunday’s.  That’s the way it always works.  Why should it be any different, just because it’s almost race day?

Update: this morning at 9:30 the BAA posted:

“With many runners having recently achieved their qualifying marks in Fall marathons, the B.A.A. anticipates registration for the 2013 Boston Marathon will close soon. It is very unlikely that registration will remain open through the end of this week.”

(8 mi. run; 146.5#)

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