CCM Diary: The Waiting is the Hardest Part

It’s been tough the last few days, worrying about Cape Cod.  Now it’s a rest day.  At this point, a planned rest day gives me too much time to think.  When I use the time to worry about what might go wrong, that just adds to the stress of waiting.

Time to put an end to that.  I’ve done the work.  My aches and pains are no worse than they were when I started.  From here on in, I’m going to work on imagining success.  A couple weeks from now, I am going to be on the starting line in Falmouth, rested and ready to run.

As Tim Noakes tells us in this TEDx video, successful athletes are successful not only because of talent, but because they believe that they’re going to succeed:

I’m starting by taking note that this morning I put on my tight jeans and they weren’t tight.  I am fit and ready to run, damnit.

(strength; 147#)

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