CCM Diary: Five More Saturdays

Ruth’s running buddies started showing while I up I was finishing up my exercises this morning.  Saturday is an off day for the next few weeks, so while they headed off for their 24 mile run, I sat down for breakfast.  My weight’s been creeping up again, so I didn’t get to enjoy a big breakfast on my day off.  I blame the ice cream Ruth brought back from CVS last night.

I’ve got three Sunday races in five weeks, so it seemed simplest to just move everything a day and do my long runs on Sunday too.  But that leaves me sitting around on Saturdays while everybody else is out running.  Long runs on Saturday have anchored my week ever since I started running.  Getting a Saturday off once in a while is a fun break from routine, but doing it on a regular basis is harder than I thought it would be.

I enjoy my long runs, but part of what I enjoy is the feeling of accomplishment I get when they’re over with.  If I have to move a long run because I’m going to be busy on a Saturday, I try to get it in early, on Thursday or Friday.  Delaying my long run until Sunday leaves it looming over the rest of the weekend.  I can’t to do too much on Saturday or the run on Sunday will be harder than it needs to be.  That means no long bike rides, hikes, or other strenuous activity, no burritos, popcorn, or other food, however tasty, that might challenge my digestive system on Sunday morning, and no staying out late, though that’s not as much of an issue as it used to be.

By running on Sunday, I also miss the option of running with the Davis Square crew on Saturday.  I’m happy doing long runs alone, but it’s always fun to have company and running with the group helps keep me at a comfortable pace.  When I do my long runs by myself, sometimes I run them too fast.

The shift in schedule also means that I miss coffee with Ruth’s crew on Sundays and running at Casey’s on Thursdays.  All this cutting back on fun could be a sign that I’m taking my training too seriously.  Or maybe I just need to find something better to do with my extra time on Saturdays while I’m waiting for race day to arrive.  I’m not good at waiting.

(strength; 148#)

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