CCM Diary: Clipped In

Ed was back from vacation today, so I rode to the bike shop to get my new shoes and finish my fitting.  Ed also gave me some advice about pedaling – something about using my glutes more and my quads less and keeping my weight centered over my pedals so gravity helps me move forward instead of making my arms ache and my butt sore.

I don’t know how much I learned from 10 minutes of talking, but even without great pedaling skills, it felt like the new cleats were helping me ride faster and with less effort on the ride home.  Hopefully the distraction of trying to overcome 50 years of pedaling incorrectly won’t keep me from remembering to unclip my shoes before I stop.  I’d hate it if I couldn’t run the marathon because I hurt myself falling over on my bike.

(16.5 mi. bike; 147.5#)

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