CCM Diary: Limping into Week 7

Seven weeks to go until Cape Cod!

This Sunday is the Josh Billings RunAground relay.  It’s the first of three Sunday races I have coming up over the next five weekends.  I’m going to shift everything back a day and move my remaining long runs to Sunday so my training schedule lines up better with the races.

Today was supposed to be a short, easy run to fill in the gap created by moving everything back a day. My calves are still sore from Lake Winnie, so I decided to take the day off instead.

I don’t think my calves will be any more of a problem than usual going forward.  They’re not injured, they’re just stiff from the effort of running all those hills on Saturday.  It’s the same feeling my quads get after a marathon.  I’d be more worried if I still felt exhausted from the race, but other than the calves, I feel OK.  My effort level was where I wanted it to be, enough for a good workout, but not enough to wipe me out.  I just got a little beat up, probably more from the downhills than the climbing.  As long as I don’t do too much too soon, I should be fine.

Registration for the 2013 Boston Marathon opens today! (if you’re more than 20 minutes faster than your BQ standard)


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