CCM Diary: Looking Forward

I moved my bike seat up and forward slightly, less than an inch in each direction, before my ride to Winchester this morning to pick up a check from Book Ends for the books they’ve sold on consignment.  The change in my seat position seemed to make an amazing difference.  All of a sudden my butt stayed planted firmly in my seat instead of sliding back and forth, there was much less weight on my arms and shoulders, and I was getting more speed while pedaling with less effort.  A miracle, or just a temporary effect?  I’m looking forward to finding out.

I got a note today from the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired about my offer to run Boston in 2013 as a sighted guide.  Registration for Boston starts Monday, so I should find out soon if I match up with any of their runners.  They generally want sighted runners to be capable of running at least 15 minutes faster than the runner they’ll be guiding.  I might guide someone shooting for a 3:45, but if I end up helping someone hit 4:15, that’d be fun too.  Running can be a selfish pursuit.  It would be nice to run a marathon for someone else for once.

Tomorrow is the Lake Winnipesaukee Relay.  Ruth got today off from work, so we’ll be leaving for New Hampshire after lunch to beat the Friday afternoon traffic crunch.

(strength; 6.3 mi. bike; 145#)

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