CCM Diary: Meet Ed

I made six trips up Packard Ave. today, plus the Broadway “warm-up hill”.  I ran most of them a little slower than last week. My peak heart rate was a little lower, too.  Apparently I wasn’t working quite as hard today, though I prefer to say I was “pacing myself more carefully”.

I did get a little faster as I went along.  My last hill was the fastest, probably because I had someone to chase.  A woman runner turned off the cross-street and headed uphill as I was nearing the bottom of my downhill recovery trot.  She had a head start of about 25 yards when I began to climb.  I almost caught her before the summit, but once we reached the top she pulled away because I stopped for a few seconds to make sure my stomach stayed down in my torso where it belonged.

After my run, I wandered into a bike shop to see if I could find a set of pedals with toe clips that wouldn’t dig into my feet through the soft soles of my running shoes.  They don’t seem to exist, but I did find a pair of wide Sidi bike shoes in my size in the clearance bin.  They were only $149, a savings of $110, which was much too good of a deal to pass up.

Of course, I’d save much more, maybe $500, if I skipped the whole shoe/cleat thing.  I carefully ignored that fact.

I was introduced to Ed Sassler, the guy in the shop who fits the more challenging customers.  I spent the next two hours working with Ed trying to fit a set of cleats properly.  We made quite a bit of progress (I think) before we gave up temporarily due to a lack of the proper size pedal extender.

Ed is also a bike coach at Harvard.  He was kind enough let me know, as gently as possible, that my pedaling form is horrible.

(6.3 mi. run; 147#)

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