CCM Diary: Happy 500!

It’s still rest week, so I rode over to Casey’s with Ruth for tonight’s run.  The guys from Level Renner were there to celebrate reaching 500 “Likes” on Facebook, sign up new subscribers (subscriptions are free), and raffle off some free gear.  There was enough stuff that I came home with a sleeveless tech shirt, even though I didn’t enter the raffle.   I’ve had an article in almost every issue of the magazine, so I already had a t-shirt.

It was hot again, 85°, even though the sun was already behind Winter Hill when we started.  The encroachment of dusk on the run is a sign that fall, cooler weather, and Cape Cod are coming!  The high point of the run, both literally and figuratively, came when we ran through a gauntlet of cheering children outside the church at the top of Winter Hill. I cruised though in 31:36, essentially a marathon pace run.  That still made me the slowest Level Renner writer there.

(4.1 mi. run; 148#)

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