CCM Diary: Chicken Run

The weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms starting this afternoon and continuing on through Saturday. After last week’s microburst experience, Ruth and I decided to skip Casey’s and go out for our run this morning.

I had a little pain in the area of the left edge of my sacroiliac joint, something that bothers me from time to time. No big deal (I hope), but because it is a re-occurring issue I’ll keep an eye on it. I’ve been slacking off a little bit on the self-massage with the foam roller, so that might be part of the problem.

The Olympics start this week. We still don’t know who will light the Olympic torch. I’m hoping it will be Sir Roger Bannister, the Briton who was the first man to break the 4-minute mile. But the suggestion that made me smile most was Edina and Patsy from the British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.

(4.2 mi. run; 149#)

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