CCM Diary: It’s Pretty Easy Being Green

Today I did two short bike rides, a 10.6 mile loop around Horn Pond before breakfast and a 9.6 mile ride into Cambridge to Life Alive for lunch. I fit my strength training in between the two, since I had let it slip earlier in the week. The rabbit hopping across the Horn Pond bikeway made today a Bunny Day to commemorate Ruth’s return from her business trip.

My legs were still a little tired from last weekend’s run, but they aren’t sore. I expect I’ll be recovered and ready to get back to work by the end of my rest week.

A bike trip to Life Alive makes me feel especially virtuous, in spite of going out for lunch instead of eating at home. Both my meal and my mode of transportation were totally green.  And I enjoy people-watching at Life Alive almost as much as I enjoy the delicious vegetarian food. Almost everyone there is in a Cambridge hipster costume of one form or another.  An older guy with bike shorts and helmet-head reading his Kindle fits right in.

(20.2 mi. bike; strength; 147#)

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