One Kilobook!

I just tallied up my book sales for June and I’ve now sold over one thousand copies of “Chasing the Runner’s High”!  Reaching that goal feels good – sort of like qualifying for the Boston Marathon, only instead of sore legs, my butt is sore from sitting at my keyboard.  No one’s getting rich, but for an indie publisher, 1000 books is pretty good.

Because I’m me, I’m going to run a few numbers out for you:

Total sold: 1029

Days since publication: 628

Paper copies: 331
(online 194, direct 95, consignment 42)

Ebooks: 698
(Kindle US 422, Kindle foreign 51, Smashwords (mostly Apple) 101, Barnes & Noble 62, Google 21, my eStore 41)

Thanks to everyone who helped me get to this point, especially Ruth, and to all my readers!

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