CCM Diary: Roadblock!

It’s a rest week, so I was planning on only running 4 miles today.  Ruth and I were going to head over to Casey’s for the weekly Thursday night 4 mile run, but Ruth had to work late, so I got in the car to go to Casey’s by myself.  When I got halfway there, the police barriers blocking the road reminded me that it was the night of Somerville’s July 4th celebration, which they always do the Thursday before July 4th, even when it’s almost a week ahead of time.

Traffic was going to be a hassle, and on these nights we run a short course to avoid the area blocked off for the celebration, so I bailed out, turned around,  and went back home to run instead.  If you ever get the impression from my posts that I have my act together, keep in mind that I track all the details because if I don’t, I forget things.

Anyhow, when I got home, I went out an ran the 4 mile Paths Loop.  The loop circles East Arlington, and three-quarters of it is on bike paths.  It’s a flat, lazy four miles, and it’s nice to be able to run off-road so close to the busy suburb that we live in.  There’s plenty of greenery, which is especially pretty on a nice summer evening.

149.5#; 3.95 mi. run (35:08); strength training

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