Barefoot Boys

Looking back though old running magazines helps me see how things have changed, but a big part of the fun of  is seeing how some things keep coming back.  Barefoot running, for instance:

Barefoot running works, at least for some people.  But pacing yourself properly is more important than your footwear, or lack thereof.  Just ask Ian Miller: 

Hyde  is now Saucony, as the company was renamed after their popular running shoe brand in 1998.  They were just purchased by Wolverine, the latest of a long string of owners for the brand.

(LDL, Aug. 1961, May 1964)

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One thought on “Barefoot Boys

  • imarunner2012

    The idea of running barefoot makes my feet hurt just thinking about it. Besides landing on solid pavement with no cushion there are also rocks, glass, twigs etc to land on. I generally pay attention to what is in the road but with a shoe I can still land on small stones without hurting my feet.
    In addition, the “gutter” is generally not a clean place and it seems that any cuts on your feet could get infected. I think I’m going to stick with my shoes!