Renner Music – Video Edition

The “Renner Music” I wrote for the current Level Renner (it’s free!)  is dedicated to the long training run.  No high-energy beats, just uncompromising mid-tempo songs that suck you in as they grind it out.

Unfortunately, we can’t put the actual music in the magazine, but thanks to the magic of YouTube, I can post the songs here for your listening enjoyment.

1. The Rail Song – Adrian Belew
This song lopes along relentlessly, carrying you with it.  It’s especially apt for long runs on converted rail-trails.

2. Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads
The best long runs happen when you’re on the road to nowhere, running with no particular route in mind.  You may wonder where you are, but as long as you keep going, you don’t really care.  You’ll get somewhere soon enough.

3.  Feel the Pain – Dinosaur Jr.
Keep running until you feel the pain.  Then let it surround you, become a part of you, and fade to nothing as you stride implacably on.

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