Link Farm: May 4 – Happy “International Day Against DRM” edition

Today’s links are totally DRM-free, as are my books.  Prove it for yourself!

My friend Brian Talon is running Western States, his first 100-miler, to benefit Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, “a leading provider of innovative lifestyle empowerment programs for people with MS and their support partners”.  Brian’s wife Jen was recently diagnosed with MS, so this cause is personal for them.  If you can, why not kick in a few bucks and help Brian reach (or surpass) his fundraising goal today?

The Big Sur Marathon is one of the most popular destination marathons in the country, which means they attract a lot of slow runners.  They’ve figured out a way to get the slowest runners off the course sooner – have them run a 21-mile “non-competitive timed fitness event” instead.  Whatever you think of the idea, it did let them collect an extra 1000 entry fees.

Science is catching up with my book: running, like drinking, is healthiest when done in moderation.  But less exciting.

Finally, butt-floss for runners!

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