Lake Winnipesaukee Relay 2009

The 21st annual Lake Winnipesaukee Relay was held on a beautiful Saturday, September 26, 2009.  I ran leg 6 and Ruth ran leg 7 for the SRR Mixed PBR Big Open Cans team.   The SRR Men’s Masters team finished 2nd overall (first Masters, of course) and our other eight teams ran well and had fun.

This is my 9th year at the race, and my first time running leg 6.  Given the difficulty of the other legs, leg 6 was surprisingly easy, which fit in well with my fitness level after an injury-filled summer.  Next year I’ll do leg 5, and then I’ll have run every leg at least once.

Ruth and I took pictures:

There was a Model A Club meet that weekend, and the cars and the runners were often sharing the roads.  We have some pictures of the cars too:

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