Occupational hazards

From your friends at ImprovBoston‘s Fun List:

A computer sales executive with a slipped disk

A roofer with shingles

A baker with bunions

An interior designer with rheumatism

A gardener with rosacea

A jeweler with ringworm

An editor with an irritated colon

A tailor with hemorrhoids

A Catholic Priest with cholera

A gymnast with the bends

A lobbyist with influenza

A statistician with polio

A chemist with the vapors

A jockey with the trots

One of the Three Stooges with “Larryngitis”

A cliff diver with cataracts

A relief worker with AIDS

A fisherman with Chlamydia

A beekeeper with HIV

A fruit-picker with Lyme’s Disease

A longshoreman with crabs

A Prius dealer with priapism

A construction worker with erectile dysfunction

A reference librarian with appendicitis

A supervisor with a staff infection

A videographer with tapeworm

A duck hunter with downs syndrome

An oceanographer with diverticulitis

A stenographer with type 2 diabetes

A valet with Parkinson’s disease

A witch with Crohns disease

A postal route planner with male pattern baldness

A wheat farmer with a migraine

A baker with a yeast infection

A doctor with muscular dystrophy (MD)

A math teacher with multiple sclerosis

A knight with cirrhosis

A Jewish lawyer with Epstein-Barr Syndrome

A craps dealer with diarrhea

An executioner with a hangover

A telephone operator with Bell’s Palsy

A geometry teacher with sinusitis

A chiropractor addicted to crack

A DJ with a slipped disc

A worker at a Chinese restaurant with megalomania


An unemployed person who is completely healthy.

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