In their head – On her boot

“What was that?  Something mushy. 

“Oh, yuck.  That’s disgusting.  Why don’t people pick up after their dogs? 

“It’s February.  You’d think that at least the shit would be frozen solid, but no such luck.  It must have been fresh.  I wonder if it came from that retriever up there?  No, I would have noticed him squatting.

“How do I get it off my boot before I get to Jina’s?  There’s no grass anywhere.  Guess I’ll grab one of those papers out of the box and tear off a page.  Hey, Madonna’s on the cover of the Phoenix.  That’ll be appropriate.

“I better fold it over so the shit won’t soak through.  Foot up, wipe, ewww!  I got some shit on my glove!”

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