In their head – What happened?

“I think I’m gonna puke. Should have skipped the coffee.  I hope this bus quits bouncing so I can make it home before I throw up.  Why do I do this to myself?

“Wish I had got more sleep.  I’d feel better.  Good thing I woke up early so I could sneak out before she woke up.  Jeez, I can’t even remember her name.  Can’t remember fucking either.  We didn’t use a condom.  Gotta shower.  I hope I didn’t catch anything.  Wonder if she’s on the pill?  Christ, I wonder if I told her enough so she can find me? 

“I’ve gotta get some sleep, but I’ve gotta find the car first. Where the hell did I leave it?  I looked everywhere this morning, I think.  But if it’s not in that neighborhood, where could it be?  Last I remember, I was at JJ Foley’s with Frank.  I’ll give him a call and see if he knows anything.  I wonder if that’s where I met what’s-her-name?

“My head hurts.  Damn, it’s bright this morning.  Wish I had sunglasses.  Ow!  Another fucking pothole.  If I hadn’t lost my car, I wouldn’t have to take this ride.  Worst comes to worst, the city will tow it and send me a notice.  If it’s not stolen, or smashed up.  Shit.  What’ll I do in the meantime?”

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